Drop Land


Here is the island of spring, rich in vegetation and beautiful scenery.There is also an ancient castle on the island, where the descendants of the brave are the stars.In the night, there was a strange noise in the castle.

The maids looked around and found that the king’s most beloved star princess was missing! The nation was shocked, and the king summoned the warriors to find the princess’s whereabouts.

Dumb is a rookie who will only be dazed, always knowing that he is in a straight line, but still ask you to use your wisdom to guide him on an adventure and collect clues to find the princess!




Pop Adventure


Match 3 bubbles in the same color to pop and drop colorful balls. Explore mysterious levels with treasure by blast a way to the top! Shoot your bubbles to break pots, collect all kinds of gems and pass through all the levels.

• Match 3 balls and make them pop!
• Use less shots to score higher and get 3 stars.
• Collect colorful gems to pass special levels.
• Accumulate and enable powerful boosters to help you blast through levels.

• Daily Bonus to earn coins, gems or special boosters for free!
• Hundreds of well-designed levels with awesome art design and sound effect!
• With piggy bank, additional coins will be awarded while passing every level!
• Spin the wheel to obtain extra coins and special boosters.

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